Monday, August 27, 2007

From the Playa

Got a crane, lift and a big crew to set up TruthBurn. The map here has many red dots around TruthBurn, and one big red dot. This means big time fire. Bigtime. Tomorrow we get to work.

All goes well in this dusty Mecca of creativity. The crew is fine and pumped for this.


Joy said...

Dear John P.,

I am so stoked that you made it to the playa. It is a truth dream come true. Many thanks to all the truth artists and engineers.

Bloggulator said...

Excellent news... and keep up the great work. Lets hope the exhibit gets lots of attention.

Yarrow said...

Let me know if anything else is needed, a/v-wise!

guppy said...

Hope you're not discouraged by the premature burning and that the installation is going well. We are checking your site for updates. Say hi to Conor.